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Wiping Rags

We have a following variety of wipers for every purpose from a messy oil clean-up to the finest lint-free . We are your best source of 100% cotton wipers. Helping you achieve waste reduction is our specialty.

  • White Knit With Print
An economical version of our whit knit with a color design remaining on it. This is a great way to save money on this wiper if a little color doesn’t bother you. It is ideal for polishing, painting, grease, general maintenance, and a good all around wiper.

  • Color Knit
Efficient and one of our best sellers. This multipurpose Soft “T-shirt” material wiper replaces the need for shop towels or paper disposables. It is very economical and has many uses, anything from mechanic shops, oil spills, grease cleanup, and much more. Save money with this wiping rag.

  • Sweat Shirt
A consistent and good general purpose wiping cloth. Suitable for oil and large area spillages. A good all round wiping cloth. Economically priced.

  • White Fleece
A “Sweatshirt” material that is soft, strong and a very durable product, wet or dry. It is perfect when bleeding of colors is a factor. It is an ideal wiper for oil, grease, paint and makes an excellent choice for polishing or waxing.

  • Color Fleece
A more economical “Sweatshirt” fleece wiper for many different applications. It is an ideal wiper for oil and grease and makes an excellent choice for polishing or waxing. Many of our maintenance companies prefer this wiper.

  • White Terry
The ultimate in absorbency. All Wipers are cut from High quality terry bathrobes and towels and this absorbent has many different uses. Many prefer this wiper for washing, drying, spills, and just about any use. Great for car washes.